Thursday, June 2, 2011

(Part : 4) My Big One's 5th birthday preparationz... Hand printed shirt withour freezer paper :)

OK, so this time i have done my kidoz shirt to wear on his birthday...

I always wanted to print my kidoz shirt with stencil but I couldn't find freezer paper. The last time I asked a grocery guy about freezer paper, he said "madam g, there is nothing like that... u r taking wrong name, it must be sandwich paper, hahahaaa" grrrrr... & after that I stopped searching for freezer paper.

Few months back we went to stationery shop (I luv stationery shops) & I bought black vinyl sheet for no reason, i just liked it. And later I used that to make my sky line wall sticker which came out really nice. This time i have again used viyl sheet as a stencil :) I got this idea just before sleeping... and next day after sending my hubby office and kido to school, it was the first thing i did :) 

Ok, so no more exaggeration.... here are the details.

Plain T-shirt, i used for this project

Oooppss sorry about the bad picture, i printed in light color but it was visible.... i used it to cut my stencil.

vinyl sheet
This is the vinyl sheet I was talking about. its like sticker sheet. Its easily available in all hyper markets & stationery shops (small roll is around 15 DHS)

back paper of vinyl sheet is with lines which helps to keep it straight

tapping printout on vinyl sheet
Once i got my printout, i fixed it properly on vinyl sheet with transparent tape, so that it should not move while cutting stencil.

After cutting
I used cutter for cutting my stencil... but i think it will be much more easier to cut it with exacto knife. 

My elder one's name "Mohammad"
I used cut out words to write my son's name :)

final vinyl stencil

Ok, coming back to topic... after removing tapes & printout, I got my final vinyl stencil.

removing the back paper
pasted stencil on cloth

It was my first trail with vinyl stencil & didnt want to ruin T-shirt so I printed on white piece of cloth. I pasted vinyl stencil firmly on the cloth.

using newspaper under cloth

if you are trying this, DONT FORGET... to use newspaper under cloth you are going to print, or oil paint will distroy ur table... or whatever u will work on.

sponge, i used for printing

I used blue oil color & sponge to print shirt. (you can also use brush, but sponge was more convienent) 


after printing left it for half an hour to settle

removed stencil after half an hour

saved it on a glossy book cover

I wanted to re-use this stencil as it was in perfect shape after use. At that time i cudnt think of anything else so pasted it on glossy book cover hehehee...

Used DVD marker to outline BIRTHDAY 

I was not having anyyy permanant marker so i used my hubby's DVD marker hehehhe

once dried, ironed it

You can wait for few hours to let it dry... but if u r impatient like me, hair dryer is a great option :). once dried, iron it so the colors settle.

end result

Attached printed piece on T-shirt with needle & thread

Another View

Mohammad was sleeping... but Ali's response made me feel great :)

Shirts with ocassion specific quotes, one can not wear again & again. Printing seperate clothe & attaching it to the shirt will not only look stylish but also later on you can remove this piece & use plain shirt.

have a great day


  1. Linking this up with us made the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!

  2. What a great idea! I'd love for you to come link up at DIY Thrifty Thursday @

  3. so cute,i like the idea,nice step by step :)

  4. I would of never of thought to use Vinyl contact paper as a stencil! I like it! I like that you put it all on a separate cloth so that you can just take it off later! another great idea! Thanks for linking up to Make it for Less Mondays @ Simply Cadence!

  5. Wow, I have tons of this sticky vinyl, never thought to use it like this, will definitely be doing this soon! Saw you on linky party, now google friend and facebook following. Please pop by and would love it if you followed me too, Karima x

  6. Awesome idea - I have been waiting to do such projects but because of the unavailability of freezer paper in Dubai I was unable to make one..but thanks to you I can now make one for my son too his b'day is next week...will surely link your tutorial to my website.

    I would be glad if you could pay visit to my website too and share your feedback with me..

    Thanks & take care,
    xx Noor :)

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