Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 min crochet bracelet

If you know basic crochet and love making stuff which takes less time & effort....  & still look great...


this one is for you.

'Make two lengths of chain according to you rist. Join ends and attach flower.

Tutorial for the crochet flower can be found here. I found this on Tara's blog just love it. (You will find alot of easy crochet tuorials on her site.)

Use the other end of the bracelet as a hook around the flower to lock it around your rist.

Finish. wear it and enjoy.


Have a great day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Decopage - Recycling Project

Being recycling fan.... the biggest drawback is, that I just cant throw anything :( Just love giving new life to old old stuff. addicted to that...

This time its about a small side table, it was in such bad shape that I kept it in storage area to keep some tools.... like hammer, nails etc. Overall it was strong but looked like trash. So I planned to work on it, with decopage.

Things you need & Tutorial
1. Old dictionery pages
2. Blue paper
3. Glue & some water
4. Black spray paint
5. & Definatly Time :)

As simple as it sounds "decopage" I decorated it by gluing pages of my old dictionery on it. 

Used half glue and half water, as glue was to thick for it. Before pasting paper on wood, soaked each piece of paper in water for few minutes. and then pasted it on wood with the glue mixture.

First I finished the outer side, & then started working on the inner side. Used a single piece of blue paper for base.

Second base.

Its better to leave it to dry in sun for few hours. 

Added some interesting pictures from dictionery :)

After 2 hours, it was dried completely. But I was not satisfied with the look. 

So, I sprayed glossy black color paint on both bases, keeping extra paper on sides, to avoid splashes on sides.

Once sprayed the entire base, I removed the extra paper. 

and ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) done.

Oh yes, about the back side I used duct tape to seal sides. 

It was my first decopage project and loved it. planning to do more soon.
Have a great day

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Rag Rug...

 Another Rag Rug...
another rag rug
After making my first rag rug, I was so happy that I planned to make another one.  This one is inspired by cloth rose flower, i made for my last rug.
Material & Tutorial

1. old old old bedsheet
2. old old old towel
 & dats it.

old old old bedsheet
 I cut 2 inch wide stripes, and joined them to make 6 long strips.

stiched strips, to make 6 long strips.

turn your machine to zig zag

Start stitching, with upsidedown "U" shape
 Using 6 strips, twist and keep on stitching around the rug.

keep on stitching around the "U"
Make sure to stitch towards right side, otherwise, you will end up opening and stitching it again like me :(

twist before stitching and keep going

twist, before stitching

almost done

dont worry if this happens.
 As log as there are no big holes, dont worry and keep going.

old old old towel

cut bit smaller then the rug size
 Cut a piece of old towel, bit smaller then the rug size

hand stitch it under rug.

and done.

Its nice & soft.
easily washable.
I am using it in my wash room.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Poor - - - Nokia N8

My poor Nokia.... today we bought Nokia N8 and i really really loved it. I was really excited, but i didnt know my 5 year old was more excited then me.

After coming back home, I got busy with my little one Ali, and Mohammad opened the mobile box secretly and inserted memory card in sim slot. He tried to switch on the phone, it turned on but could not recognize sim. When we came to know the exact situation, it was already too late and the memory card was already deeply inside the sim slot, as memory card is bit smaller then the sim card.

My hubby tried to take it out with needle but no use, I tried to check on internet but there was no information. I could find only find one related topic on Nokia help forum and there it was mentioned that it sometimes damages the phone etc. which made me worried :(. it was under warranty, but warranty does not cover these kinda blunderz.

I am telling you all this story as Nokia N8 is the most selling Nokia phone in dubai market right now. and if something like that happens to you, just dont worry and DONT TRY TO TAKE IT OUT WITH NEEDLES etc.

Ok coming back to my story, next day my hubby got address of Nokia service station and went there, it took the technichan 1/2 an hour to get the memory card out. and charged us 200Dhs. He said, its a most common problem in N8, and people come often with same complaint, but sometimes before coming they already damage their sim slot.

Crux of the story - - - entering memory card in sim slot is common blunder, dont think you are the only fool :) and dont try to take it out by any way as only technichan can do this.

have a good day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kool Rag Rug

For me recycling is my favourate, I hate throwing stuff we dont use anymore... love to make something useable and funky out of it, my this project is also a recycled rag rug. The best part is it looks awesome and its really easy to make.

my little buddies...

he loved the flwers...
trying to take his favourate book

DIY- - - Following is the stepby step tutorial, for making rag rug.

What you need:

1. An old king size bedsheet.
2. Strong Thread/ same cloth can also be used.
3.Big needle.
4. spare cloth for flowers and glue. (Optional)

I used an old faded king size bed sheet

marked to get long straight cloth pieces

each piece was 2inch in width

Attached these to card board.
After getting all the straight pieces, from the sheet, I attached these to cardboard in 14 bunches, 9 pieces in each bunch with desired length (depends how long you prefer). Having them in bunches helped me in weaving.

First stitch from the bottom of the cardboard, for temprory grip.
Started from the backside, helped me with the grip initially.
Until this point I was not happy with the results.

it started looking better, from here onwards.

quite happy :)

My thread ended in the middle of the rug.

with a knot attached a new thread
Forgot to take picture of the ending. It is really important to pass the thread twice in the first and the last stitch. this will make the rug strong.
Made three flowers with cloth & glue gun
burnt myself :(
Attached on the rug

It was a simple and easy recycle project. Love the results.


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