Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Rag Rug...

 Another Rag Rug...
another rag rug
After making my first rag rug, I was so happy that I planned to make another one.  This one is inspired by cloth rose flower, i made for my last rug.
Material & Tutorial

1. old old old bedsheet
2. old old old towel
 & dats it.

old old old bedsheet
 I cut 2 inch wide stripes, and joined them to make 6 long strips.

stiched strips, to make 6 long strips.

turn your machine to zig zag

Start stitching, with upsidedown "U" shape
 Using 6 strips, twist and keep on stitching around the rug.

keep on stitching around the "U"
Make sure to stitch towards right side, otherwise, you will end up opening and stitching it again like me :(

twist before stitching and keep going

twist, before stitching

almost done

dont worry if this happens.
 As log as there are no big holes, dont worry and keep going.

old old old towel

cut bit smaller then the rug size
 Cut a piece of old towel, bit smaller then the rug size

hand stitch it under rug.

and done.

Its nice & soft.
easily washable.
I am using it in my wash room.

Have a great day.


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