Saturday, July 23, 2011

Decopage - Recycling Project

Being recycling fan.... the biggest drawback is, that I just cant throw anything :( Just love giving new life to old old stuff. addicted to that...

This time its about a small side table, it was in such bad shape that I kept it in storage area to keep some tools.... like hammer, nails etc. Overall it was strong but looked like trash. So I planned to work on it, with decopage.

Things you need & Tutorial
1. Old dictionery pages
2. Blue paper
3. Glue & some water
4. Black spray paint
5. & Definatly Time :)

As simple as it sounds "decopage" I decorated it by gluing pages of my old dictionery on it. 

Used half glue and half water, as glue was to thick for it. Before pasting paper on wood, soaked each piece of paper in water for few minutes. and then pasted it on wood with the glue mixture.

First I finished the outer side, & then started working on the inner side. Used a single piece of blue paper for base.

Second base.

Its better to leave it to dry in sun for few hours. 

Added some interesting pictures from dictionery :)

After 2 hours, it was dried completely. But I was not satisfied with the look. 

So, I sprayed glossy black color paint on both bases, keeping extra paper on sides, to avoid splashes on sides.

Once sprayed the entire base, I removed the extra paper. 

and ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) done.

Oh yes, about the back side I used duct tape to seal sides. 

It was my first decopage project and loved it. planning to do more soon.
Have a great day


  1. very are amazing my friend..this is a huge effort but you have done smartly!!
    Keep sharing lovely stuff..
    Take care

  2. Lovely idea!! A friend of mine.. did the same thing with wall paper.. She used pink or red I think.. and the effect was stunning!! Thanks for linking in.. :-)

  3. Decoupage sure has more than many uses... and you have made good use of it... It is indeed a great idea to cover the exposed edges of wood with decoupage rather than using edge banding... Just love the way it looks :)

  4. This is too cool, brings back school memories :) Would make a great conversation starter at home right!

  5. Looks so cool! I love decopage and this is such a great idea to re purpose an old piec of furniture.

  6. What a great post! Lovely transformation. Thanks for the cool tutorial:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  7. thanks alot dears.... i am glad u liked it.


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