Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial Treat # 5 - - - Birdie hair hanger

Today I wanted to make loom flowers but :( no success, need to make another loom, will upload a detailed post soon. After all my flop loom experiment I had very less time left and I wanted to make something for this week's T3. So finally I made this adorable little birdie hair clip hanger with felt. 

It is easy and takes no time. its not something unique but I loved making it.Its my first felt project and I feel, you can go wild with felt.... i mean its such an amazing stuff that no matter what you do it will come out great :). It hides all the imperfections (suits me) and finished product comes out really kool. 

Ok, so this time its sooo simple, I didnt even want to upload tutorial, but i did as it mayyyy help anyone.

I wanted to display this with some nice cute hair clips but.... I dont have any...
(no little girl = no cutie clips)
so i tried to display them with loom flowers (the same flop experiment i was talking about....)

And thats it. 
have great day. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dubai mouth watering sales - 2 september 2011

You know what dubai means, "do buy":) just kidding but really dubai is paradise for shopaholics...

And coolest are their sales, which offer serious discounts on really kool stuff. So here are few of the hot sales going on now in dubai...

check them out.....






1 Day Fondant Make & Take workshop

  Good news Cake Cuisine Dubai's ...1 Day FONDANT MAKE & TAKE Crash Course.... is back :D