Monday, September 5, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial Treat # 5 - - - Birdie hair hanger

Today I wanted to make loom flowers but :( no success, need to make another loom, will upload a detailed post soon. After all my flop loom experiment I had very less time left and I wanted to make something for this week's T3. So finally I made this adorable little birdie hair clip hanger with felt. 

It is easy and takes no time. its not something unique but I loved making it.Its my first felt project and I feel, you can go wild with felt.... i mean its such an amazing stuff that no matter what you do it will come out great :). It hides all the imperfections (suits me) and finished product comes out really kool. 

Ok, so this time its sooo simple, I didnt even want to upload tutorial, but i did as it mayyyy help anyone.

I wanted to display this with some nice cute hair clips but.... I dont have any...
(no little girl = no cutie clips)
so i tried to display them with loom flowers (the same flop experiment i was talking about....)

And thats it. 
have great day. 


  1. super cute, love the tutorial..thanks for sharing dearest *(*

  2. Simply loved it! its great and one of those cute things which you simply wanna buy as soon as you see them :)(in the market or shop)

  3. Love the bird. It's so cute! Thanks for sharing. :)


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