Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mom's first photoshoot with Nikon D-90

I havent blogged for quite some time... as my dearest Kodak camera refused to work any more after a year of hardships.... (you cant imagine what my kids have been doing with it) So I bought Canon A2300.... I was really disappointed with the results, though it has nice reviews on many sites... this was my 3rd digital camera & I was so exhausted that I checked on internet and went to buy Nikon D90, which is the flag ship of Nikon and their best selling SLR.

I know NOTHING about photography..... went for D90 as majority sites had excellent reviews about it. And YES! it is... I am completely falling in love with it.

I got it day before yesterday, & yesterday I took all these pictures...

My little model.... with dad...

My Big One''s Photoshoot

Finally there is one descent picture

View from our Balcony

Skyline dubai, left corner it is Burj Khalifia, world's tallest building

Before buying SLR I was concerened about one thing... If a professional camera like Nikon D90 is ok for a beginner.......... I tried to check on every possible site but didnt get answer... but now I have the answer... YES! it is very user friendly, and good choice for a beginner. I am sure I hardly know even 5% about its ability, but I am learning and its wise to invest once in good stuff rather then 100 time in bad stuff (the way i did....swab swab...)

Be happy....


  1. Oh, Be Still My heart! What beautiful children you have-good grief, they're cute! Been looking for a good camera, I'll have to check into this one-thanks for sharing :)

  2. Lovely pictures, so cute & adorable kids :)


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