Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial Treat # 4- - -Gift Wrapping - Part 2

Eid Mubarak to all my blogger friends. have a great great day and have lots n lots of fun.

Thanks for loving my last post on gift wrapping, here are some more. 

Gift wrapping ideas

1st gift wrap idea

Used gift wrap ribbon for decor.

Folded ribbon and then cut equal number of circles and squares.

mine were not very neat, but they looked fine :)

First stitched circles, and then squares on different sheet of paper.

After stitching removed paper. (I loved doing it, same technique can be used in sooo many different craft projects, like window hangings etc)

Thats how they looked.

Then I made bow using the same ribbon with the help of this awesome tutorial. And done.

Second Gift wrap

Pasted a fabric lace (in the middle) on the sticky side of the duct tape.

On both sides of the lace pasted silver ribbon.

Backside. Duct tape, made lace nice and straight, and it looked much better.

step 1
Then I made a simple bow for the top. using the same silver lace. with these steps.

step 2

step 3

step 4 & done

have a great Eid.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial Treat # 3 - - - EID GIFT WRAP IDEAS- - - Part 1

Eid is always fun but it makes me miss my family :(....

My father was in army and we lived in many different cities and after retairment my parents permanatly moved to Pindi but I had never celebrated any eid in city until I got married and moved to Islamabad. My parent's family & extended family is huge, covers almost all the village :) and its our custom that any one living outside village always come back to village to celebrate eid between relatives. My most amazing memory of eid is BONFIRE at chand raat with all cousins which we used to have a night before eid and it was basically a singing night.... the most horrible & confident singer used to win the award... lol and it was always my elder brother. I have never heard such an  amazing singer in my life ..... lol luv you asim bhai and I miss you soooooooooooo much...

After getting married my eid was spent between my husband's family and now living away from our family eid means shoping for kids, their entertainment, meeting friends and some of our family living here, making sheer khurma, channa chat and dahi bhala... :)

One think I love about eid is that it gives us a reason to connect to all your friends and family members with whom you dont meet that regularly. We always buy gifts for all our friends and family for eid. Today's tutorial is some gift wraps which I did for my friends and family. 

Sorry about the bad photography.... actually after falling 100 times my camera finally refused to focus :) Trust me they are looking far better then these pictures ....

Both of these gifts are first covered by brown sheets (we often use to cover kids school books) and then I added different stuff on them.

 I am happy about this gift wrap, as it came out exactly the way I was imagining :) I simply downloaded a word game from internet and in "paint" edited it according to my requirment. Making "EID MUBARAK" come in sequence. printed it on a white paper.

 Then made a felt flower, using above patterns.

Stitched the bottom end of all the petals. the way you can see in the above picture. Once stitching was done, wrapped all 3 strips on each other, starting from strip #1, from left to right. and done.

This is what I got.

Attached word game paper on the top and then pasted the felt flower along with a paper leave on it. Using blue marker outlined "EID MUBARAK". and done.

 For this one I made two felt flowers.

Cut two circles of black felt, in different sizes.

 Cut them as shown above.

 Using glue gun pasted the flower on a small piece of felt.

 This is the best pic I could get from my camera... keep gluing and rolling the felt around.

 I had few wasted small artificial flowers. I removed their stems, leaves etc and glued them with felt flowers. Then I wrapped some wool on the gift and added an "EID MUBARAK" card on the wool, pasted felt flowers and done.


Want to see some more gift wrap ideas, check HERE in my next post.

have fun

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial Treat #2 - - - Snowglobes Kids DIY

This week's tutorial is about snowglobes, i did two experiments 
1st one .....

             2nd one....

Experiment 1
its a simple nice snowglobe, which kids can make and enjoy. My little one helped me with this & enjoyed alot.

Material & Instructions

1. Two empty baby food containers
2. Two toys, small enough to fit in the jars.
3. Water
4. Glycerine
5. Glitter

Selected these two toys from my son's toy box. 

Make sure to select something which can fit easily in the jars leaving enough space on the top.

 Then attached these toys to bottle lid, using hot glue gun.

 Attached both toys with lid.

Added water, little bit of glycerine and silver gliter in baby food container.

Once the liquid was ready and toys were glued to lids.Glued the sides of the lid and screwed as tigh as I could. 

ta da readyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)

 it is simple & easy. dont take more then 20 minutes.

Experiment 2

Ok so now comes the sad story.... snowglobes with toys, is a common craft and I wanted to try something new, so I tried customized picture snowglobe.... it took alot of time as I dont know much about computers and for this, i needed a picture measuring 16cm by 4cm.


After printing, I wanted to laminate these pictures but it was not available so I tried sealing them well with contact paper & later ironed them...

 then after attaching both ends of the sealed picture by contact paper, inserted them in baby food containers... It was looking awesome... :(

This is what I saw next morning :( pictures were wet inside contact paper :( as water broke seal and entered inside the contact paper...

Its not looking as good in the pictures as it was actually looking, when I finished it... will try again by laminating the pictures. hopefully that will work :)

Have a great day

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