Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial Treat - 1 - Monster Hook

Here comes my first tuesday treat....

One more month left and my little one has already started missing his friends, teacher, school :( So I planned to do some fun crafting with him....

Today's project is MONSTER HOOK. We made this togther, to hang his school bag, badge, after coming back from school.

 I started this.... almost a month back but I was not very sure about what I wanted, so it lingerd on (like most of my projects, hehehhe) until few days back when my little munchkin slept early, I had time to do some crafting with my elder one & had nothing in mind :) So that day I had no other option but completing it...

It took me two days to finish it. But after fnishing we loved it.

Material & Tutorial 
1. wire hanger,
2. thin wire (one which is used in flower making)
3. Duct Tape
4. Colored Paper
5. Glue
6. Paints/colors/markers (anything to paint monster)
7. wool (for pom pomz)

First of all using some tools, I shaped wire hanger in required shape. 

Then I wrapped this wire hanger with thin wire, and once the shape was done, just to make it further strong I thoroughly covered it with duct tape.

(Sorry about the missing pictures.... didnt took any pictues as I was hating it until next step)

Once hook was well in shape + strong enough, I covered it with blue color paper with decopage technique. (dipped paper in water for 1 min then applied it on hook, slightly pressd paper with hand. Once completed pasted with no air bubles, brushed 1/4 water+3/4glue mixture on it with brush)

For details, I used the same method in Recycling - Decopage Project.

Left it dry over night.... this is how it looked in the morning.

Back side.

Covered back side with duct tape, to seal loose ends.

Made these 2 wool pom pomz and attached them with thin wire. Pom pom tutorial you can find here 

 using big pieces of duct tape, then attached these wires to the back side.

Front view.

Using blue markerz and paints, painted this.

ta da..... done!

Hung it near enterence, according to my little one's height.

We enjoyed making it, specially my little one, he was toooooooooo excited through out the time ::)
have a great great day.


  1. So creative! What a lovely idea!

  2. the tutorial, thanks for sharing with us, now link up this in different parties, i am sure you will have more visitors :)

  3. thnx i am glad u likd it. yes sure khadija i will.

  4. This is post made me smile. Thanks for inspiring me and many others. Really appreciate that you linked up at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

  5. this is so funny :D you have a great sense of humor :D

  6. so bad :((( I don't know what can I do to help you in understanding :((
    take care :*

  7. Thank you so much Iram for your sweet comment. You made me smile. Mera bhi yehi haal tha, lekin jab ser per parti hay, tu sab aa jata hai :)

  8. Dear, I'm not an expert cook myself. You might have noticed that my recipes are very easy & simple. Let me know if you give them a try :)
    BTW, you are so creative! Great craft work, keep it up!!!

  9. cute idea. Thanks for linking up!


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