Monday, July 18, 2011

Using back belt to adjust frock...

An adorable friend of mine, Neviene showed me this beautiful dress of her daugther few days back when I went to her place. She could only wear it few times and then it was too tight for her. I had nothing in my mind at that time, still I brought it home, I planned to remove the back belts and use them to adjust it.
Loved the color, and fitting

its a mark&spensor dress with awesome cuts

backside, I removed the belts

Added back tie cloth to sides, in V shape.

left part of belt, after adjusting the dress

Two flowers, I made from the remaining cloth, for sides, to hide any imperfection.
attached flowers to the sides.
And its done, with flowers & V shaped extensions on both sides

and its done.

A half an hours work on this dress, made it wearable again :)

I did this for my darling hannah. (would love to see you in this soon, hannah)

have a great day.


  1. hmm..very well..its color is nice, i like the flowers..Lots of Love!!

  2. Superb idea!! I love the flower.. The dress is very pretty!!


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