Thursday, June 9, 2011

An Un-finished Business (Oil Painting)

I started this painting during my pregnancy. I had severe mood swings during dat time, and just to keep my mind busy somwhere i started it. I painted this from a photograph, showing a beautiful view of Italy...

I wanted to complete it BUT, one day while I was sleeping, my elder son Mohammad couldnt hold his creativity back & i m sure you can see his input...

I was angry that I threw it behind my bed and it stayed there until we moved to new appartment. Almost a year back when we were shifting ... my husband discovered it... :) and hung it in our couridoor.

I dont feel like finishing it... water, sky both need some work.... its still not finished... and as my husband say... "i think its going to stay unfinished, as Leonardo's Mona Lisa" hehheheee lol

Have a great day,



  1. Hi Sweety Sis,this is are awesome!!
    i like the new blog design too..
    keep it up my dear

  2. hi iram :) found you by a comment on khadija's Blog and interesting thing is that my name is also erum and i am also a mom crafter :) but i am the mom of two lil girls and i live in Pkaistan your Painting Talent is sooooooo amazing MashaAllah its beautiful again !i paint too :) another similarity do visit my blog when you have time

  3. great to knw u iram. and thanx alot for ur appreciation. just visited ur blog, its really nice. and ur daughters r adorable :) MA
    I am pakistani too living in dubai.

    keep in touch


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