Sunday, June 5, 2011

(Part : 5) Finally.... all ready, My Big One's 5th birthday giveaways done!

Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to dear Mohommad.....

Happy birthday to u.

Finally, its his birthday today... he was sooooo excited, counting days, then hours and last night he was literally counting minutes...
Today I finally decorated the cake giveaway boxes...

all set
Ok, So now tutorial...
Cake boxes I made of orange color sheet tutorial u can find here.
Mustaches & Lips give away tutorial you can find here.

I used these adorable little bee chocolates to decorate cake boxes. The box cost me 16 DHS... and there were more then 50 chocolates in that box.

chocolates, used to decorate favor boxes

spare chocolates

cardboard, for the base
Used this card board, as a base of the cake.

cake box with double sided tape
Used double sided tape to attach boxes with the base.

packing material, to support the next layer
 Keep some distance between the boxes, to set 11 boxes in 1st layer. Once the 1st layer was set on the cardboard, put packing material in the center which will support the next layers.

1st layer
 11 favour boxes were used to make the first layer.

Second Layer
 Once 1st layer is done, start second layer using 8 boxes (with no bee chocolates on the top), keeping boxes close this time. Use 2 double sided tapes on both sides & 1 at the bottom.

3rd layer
 Use the same instructions now start 3rd layer (with 8 boxes having bee chocolates on the top).

Alomost done
 Fix last piece carefully.

Ribbon, used to keep the boxes togther
 Then Brown color ribbon was used with each layer (3 circles) to keep the boxes togther & avoid distance between them.

definatly boxes r full of sweets & chocolates :)

add a little ribbon bow on the top.




  1. Visiting from the Creative Bloggers Party & Hop over at Create with Joy!

    Such a beautifully done favor cake! I love the orange color and the adorable little bees. Perfect!

    So pleased to "meet" you!

    New follower,
    Jenn/Rook No. 17

  2. This is really did great job,well i am sure your boy will enjoy your creativity :)

  3. Love this idea! Thank you so much for linking up to WWWW on It's Toile Good! The bees are adorable and the idea for a favor "cake" is terrific!


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