Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father's day - table mat

So,  Father's day is coming in few days... i m so excited. its one my favorite days of the year. 

I remember when i was 5 years old, our country president died in plane crash... everybody was sorry & was enquiring, who will be the next president. I remember, i used to think people are so dum... they r curious to know, who will be the next president...OH PLZ, dont they know abu (dats wht i call my dad) is the only wisest person around, and NO ONE but ONLY abu can take care of this country now... 

I was so inspired by my dad... dat i always used tell my friends... dat my dad is perfect, just perfect... :)

My father is my hero, he was, he is and he will always be. He is a completely self-made, retired army officer. He is the most Wisest, Strongest, Handsome, Honest, Respectable, Amazing person i know. I am really proud of you abu. I luv you Abu g, May Allah give me enough strength to follow your foot steps in every single way. And Allah please give my Abu long & healthy life. LIFE FUL HAPPINESS....

Proud of my dad.

Now I am a mom of two adorable boys... and i really want to make this day memorable for them... (they luv their dad, more then me.... grrrrr)

Preparing for Father's day so, today me & my elder son made this father's day table mat... i did the job but he instructed for the colors & writing :)

father's day table mat

 Material We Used...

>Brown sheet which is used to cover notebooks (one side was glossy, other was plain)
>Transparent vinyl sheet
>White Paper
>Colored markers

Material used

design, white paper boarder

After coloring
then we attached white boarder with brown sheet.

added some more color

then we used transparent Vinyl Sheet

we placed it on vinyl sheet, upside down, so it sticks.

& then folded the remaining sheet on the other side.


Enjoy making.



  1. aaawww... so so pretty!! Must share this with my daughter.. :-) I now like your FB page.. and have published it on my profile too.. :-)

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead!!


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