Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY - - - Wall Sticker

This time its about my living room wall....

Wall Sticker

we moved in this new appartment almost 8 months back. during these 8 months the walls paint started chipping and thanks to my son who is always waiting for a chance to write on walls.... so they were looking really horrible....

Before Wall Sticker

in this pic I have removed many of his drawingz but still its looking awful because of chipped paint :(

SO, i gave a quick treatment to my wall... I bought black laminating sheet from nearest book store and cut out this skyline of canada.... (its still bit dirty :( but its muchhhhhhhh better den before)


The fun a kool part is that this sheet comes with scale on the back sheet so its very easy to draw and cut straight sky line from laminating sheet.

its fun, easy and takes not more then 1 hour.... enjoy :)


  1. thanks for sharing the tips!

  2. This is a great idea! It really looks very good, but I know I wouldn't have the patience to cut out that whole skyline :)

  3. A good solution! i love a city scape too!

  4. This is really brilliant and looks stunning too! Now...I'm going to explore more of your blog...

  5. This is a fabulous make over.. Loved it.. !!

  6. I just found gold in this blog post! Thanks ever so much for sharing this with us. Where would you find this info otherwise! Wow, I feel really powerful now!


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