Monday, May 23, 2011

Everyone's problem --- small Cockroachzzzzz --- yucky hate them....

The day I started blogging I decided no matter how busy i am, ill make something new every week and vil upload on my blog. But this week was horrible for me. After coming back from my home country, there were so manyyyy cockroachz :( YUCKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HATE THEMMMMMMMM....

i got the gel treatment done and was expecting that they will finish.... YES! they reduced but didnt vanish.... so I was soooooooooooo eager to wipe them off completely....   COMPLETELYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Finally my mother-in-law (my life saver) she gave me this remedy and it reallllllllllllllly worked soooooooooooo well..... I luv her :)

Boric Powder  - 300 gms
egg                  - 1
Sugar               - 1 tea spoon
flour                 -  150 gms
Onion Grinded - 1 medium size

Mix all these ingredients with required amount of milk to make dough. After cleaning your kitchen andwashroom properly put small balls of this dough in corners.

It takes almost 1 week for them to vanish.....

Gud luck ;)


  1. thanks for the info..will definitely try
    I also tried BIOLOGICAL CONTROL..Pet Lizards

  2. u welcum. was that help ful?

  3. hi sorry but im not familiar with boric powder, where can i buy?

  4. u can easily find boric powder from any sports shop.

  5. Boric powder, can also be found as boric acid at walmart or kmart. Typically seen in the garden or pest control section. I love this. Will try it ASAP.


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