Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(Part :1) My Big one's 5th birthday preparationz - - - Giveawayz ...

                My Elder son's birthday is coming in 10 days and i want to do something special for him... so finally today i  made up my mind and started making give away boxes... (they r not finished yet... vil upload finished pics also)

First of all i made these cake pieces shapped boxes, they can easily be opened & closed from the back side. (ignore my mess :)  will upload pattern & tutorial once i am done with this.

Then i made these red flowers from red color gift sheet.... they r very simple and easy to make.  

Another view.

Then i made these leaves. First i marked lines on green leave shaped paper (green paper i got frm my son's sketch book ;) with empty ball point and den colored it with dark green crayon...

Togther they look like this... 

I also made this fabric flower....
Now these are two boxes, i made still confuse which one looks better.... hmmmm.

Will upload finish project pics, along with patterns and tutorials soon.

have a great day.

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