Friday, November 11, 2011

How to - - - Stop blogger background from scrolling

Few days back I friend asked me how I made my blog and I really couldnot recall...
It was a simple thing but I dont remember how I inserted the template, buttons and all, so I made a new blog and started working on it Just to learn about customizing blog according to your style...

And It is incredibly simple and fun...

It looks nice when you go down on a blog but the background stay there... I like it, and there are two easy ways of inserting this opion in your blog


Select "Design" option from the Dashboard

Select Template Designer

Select background

Uncheck the "scroll with page" option

"Äpply to blog"

Ta daaa! done...

Ok now in case you have difficulty following this, there is another option....

Same like before, select design from dashboard
Select "Edit HTML" option
Now search word "scroll" on the page (by pressing CTRL & F, you will get a search page option on the top of your page). Change all the "scroll" words in HTML code to "Fixed".

SIMPLE..... isnt it!

Enjoy customizing your blog, your way....


  1. Nice! I love techie tutorials. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing... I removed the scroll with page for my blog... Nice tip !

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  4. Duh.. how can I miss such a simple thing! Thanks a milion... :)

  5. Great, Thanks for Sharing it, it is too easy and simple but i was searching for it from last 2 hours finally got and it works, thanks.

  6. Thank you so much. I did the same for 2 hours, it was right in my face.


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