Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Am I obsessed with "HOW TOzzz" hmmm

Enough of blogging tips....

Now a days I am working on my blog's designing & layout... so you will be seeing a new look of DUBAI CRAFTER MOM soon :). Secondly in next few days ill be uploading tutorials on blog designing, adding background, designing and adding blog buttons, adding facebook,email,pinterest links, adding tutorial pages to blog, arranging tutorial page attractively and alot...

OH YA one thing more... all the designing I have done WITHOUT USING PHOTOSHOP... I had  been working in photoshop and its extremly fun but dont have it installed in my system now so this time I took help from

Microsoft paint
Microsoft word
& the amazing Picnik

and it worked well :)

I am no expert, but learnt alot of QUICK, EASY, TRICKY ways of getting a new personalized look for your blog in last few days, while customizing my blog... & will be sharing that.

So mail me at if there is anthing you would like to share or teach me....

Stay Blessed



  1. AoA.
    I love your blog's new look, just amazing! totally smart, you know aqua color is my most may be thats why i am enjoying this a lot!
    here is a suggestion!
    its always tricky to search your comment button, its so tiny, so plz try to enhance your comment button(its a very littler digit only)
    so you will have more comments & appreciation too!!
    all the best & keep sharing your great Howww Tozzzzz :)

  2. THANKS khadija.. i am glad u liked it...

    AND YES SUGGESTIONzzzz are what i really need, they help you improve.

    ill work on suggestion.

  3. I am looking forward to reading more about this.
    I do like picnik.

  4. Oh yes.... picnik is my fav too :)

    ill be posting soon...


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