Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to - - - make/add signature in the blogspot post

Lets talk about making & adding signatures in blogspot post.... Adding signature is a fun way of personalizing your posts and it is very easy.

First, Making signature, there are alot of softwares and websites available which offer signature making for free... but they offer limited fonts & designs... this is the signature I got from some website (dont remember the site name).

This time I worked on picnik to make my signature... and I am happy with the results.

For the first signature I used a lined pattern for background, which is not a picnik option, I drew it in paint and uploaded it...

Last two are completely made in picnik.... 

Ok so once finalized, save it in .jpg format on your pc.

Now coming to the second part, Adding Signature in blogspot post, again, a very easy pizy thing, you just have to follow these following instructions.

Make a post and upload your signature. Dont publish post...


Now from "edit HTML" option copy text. (Dont publish)

In a new window open you blogger dashboard and select "Settings" from options`

Now Select "Formating".

Now scroll down & paste your HTML code (you copied earlier). In the end click "Save settings" and you are DONE!

Now whenever you will open a new post, your signature will be there already.... no need to upload everytime....

Enjoy customizing your blog.



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