Monday, March 28, 2011

My Fav Baby Denim Re-born...

I bought this denim for my son when he was 4 months old and after 3 months it was already short on him, but i loved it and wanted to do somthing with this, and yesterday i did ;)

Before and After Pic

 Ikea cloth piece from As-is, worth 10 Dhs.

 cut two pieces of same size according to width of pants.

sew each length wise, making them double.

Attaching extensions with denim, with needle & thread.

another view

attaching the second one.

sewing both, using machine.

folding extension upwords, according to length 
required & making sure to hide the stitching line

once folded upwords, i stitched both the clothes.

another view.

ta-daaa and I got my baby's denim back, which I can use for another 4 months :)

have a great day


  1. Oh this is such a cool idea! I have at least 4 pairs of jeans of my son's. he is 2.5 yrs old and growing up like a weed...because he looks so cute in denims i keep buying them and in 3 months time they are too short again! Im going to try this off to festival centre tpday and picking up some material. Then I shall be off to karama and ask my wonderful tailor to fix them all. I dont have a sewing machine at home, else it would have hardly cost me anything na!
    Loved this idea...thanks for sharing.

  2. love it kids grow out of clothes so fast this little trick pro-longed life of them and looks super cute as well come visit me at

  3. I love upcycling. I did this with a pair of my son's pants and my husband's old shirt. Thanks for linking up!

  4. This wonderful post totally contributed to the blog party's success! Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)


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